Jimi Hendrix Fender Custom Shop Guitars

Chappers and The Captain have taken a look at the new Hendrix Voodoo Child Stratocasters from Fender’s Custom Shop.

At £4000, they’re priced mainly for collectors of Hendrix memorabilia. They come with certificates, and some other official Hendrix-branded stuff … but at heart, they seem to be Journeyman Strats with reversed headstocks and a reversed bridge pickup.

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tBone IEM200 In-Ears Monitoring Demo

Henning Pauly has posted a behind-the-scenes look at the setup for his recent live band live streams, showing us the in-ear monitoring he’s been using for the live bands.

You probably won’t ever need an in-ear monitoring system for home playing or home recording. But if you’ve got a band that rehearses or plays live, you need something that’ll protect your hearing and let you hear everything that’s happening.

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JHS Bonzai Pedal Demo

Fluff has posted a demo of the JHS Bonzai pedal. 9 Tubescreamers in one pedal!

If you like to get your dirt from your amp, the Tubescreamer is an essential pedal circuit to explore. The TS features a mid-range hump that can give your amp a boost and lift your guitar out of a mix.

There’s been many TS designs over the years, and that’s without counting all the third-party circuits! The JHS Bonzai puts 9 of these designs into a single pedal. And, by all accounts, each circuit is a faithful reproduction of the original.

Why would anyone need a pedal like this? Especially as the differences can be very hard to hear in a YouTube demo? Basically, it gives you flexibility – the ability to pick the TS circuit that best suits the guitar, amp, and music genre. If your rig and genre is static, maybe it’s overkill.

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Fearless Gear Review – Marshall CODE 25

Glen Fricker has posted his thoughts on Marshall’s CODE 25 amp. Given his infamous Line 6 Spider review, this should be good 🙂

I’ve heard the Marshall Code live, being demo’d by Marshall themselves. There were plenty of folks in the audience who not only liked what the CODE offers, they went out and bought one. There’s clearly an audience for this amp.

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Fender Parallel Universe Troublemaker

Peach Guitars have posted a demo of Fender’s new Troublemaker Telecaster. It’s part of the Parallel Universe limited run.

A dual-humbucker Tele with the Les Paul bridge and control layout? Yes please!!! Oh, and it also comes in a very Les Paul-like sunburst finish? Take my money now!

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve used Warmoth’s online custom guitar body and neck builders to spec up something just like this. In my opinion, the Les Paul bridge and control layout is perfection itself for dual-humbucking guitars.

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Tuesday Talks: Falling Back In Love With The Guitar

Mary Spender’s latest Tuesday Talk is all about her ups and downs with the guitar over the years.

She also talks about the fast-approaching 100th episode of Tuesday Talks, and the special guest she wants on that landmark episode.

Watch the video to learn who she’d love to interview for the 100th episode, and join the discussion on YouTube to help Mary make it happen.

Suhr Koko Boost Demo

Guitarist Magazine has posted a demo of Suhr’s Koko Boost pedal.

It looks like they’re running it into a Vox AC30’s normal channel? Whichever amp it is, the end result is a lovely Americana type of tone. Later on in the video, as they fiddle with the pedal’s settings, the tone starts to veer towards that classic Liverpool rock sound.

Very interesting!

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How Rabea Makes Kemper Profiles

Rabea Massaad has posted a video showing us all how he makes profiles for his Kemper.

This video is perfect timing for me perfectly. We have a long weekend coming up here in the UK, and I’m planning on spending all three days with my Kemper. Any tips I can get will save me a lot of frustration.

I hope we see Rabea’s Kemper profiles available soon. Is there going to be an official Victory Amps profile pack, I wonder?

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How Great Is The Laney Tommy Iommi Boost Pedal?

Henning has taken a look at the Tommy Iommi boost pedal by Laney.

If you prefer to get your filth from amps rather than pedals, boost pedals are an interesting way to get a bit more from your amp and shape the tone in the process.

The basic idea is that a boost pedal slams the amp’s input with a hotter signal. This causes the preamp to react differently. Exactly how depends on the boost pedal and the amp you’re using.

I own several boost pedals, but I don’t know much about them or how to use them yet. My mate Andrew has offered to lend me several more and teach me all about them. I just need to find the time to take him up on his generous offer!

This video is trademark Henning. It’s a good look at what the Tommy Iommi boost pedal sounds like through several amps set at different gain levels.

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Do Aftermarket Pickups Matter Any More?

Fluff has posted a video discussing aftermarket videos:

It’s an interesting look at the history of aftermarket pickups, starting with DiMazio in 1974 and Seymour Duncan in 1976, before launching into a bit of a performance piece questioning whether or not the pickup actually makes a difference or not.

His basic argument is that the pickup is such a small part of the overall tone equation that it basically doesn’t matter which pickup you have in the guitar.

I have my own opinion, which I’ll save for its own series of posts 🙂

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