#HomeTone Thoughts Before Winter NAMM 2020

Winter NAMM is almost here. It’s one of the most high-profile guitars & gear trade shows in the world, and traditionally, many manufacturers use it to announce or launch their major new products of the year.

YouTube is going to be dominated by NAMM show floor coverage for the next few weeks. If you want to see everything that will be displayed at the show, subscribe to one of the YouTube channels I recently recommended.

From a #HomeTone perspective, what are the gaps in the market that I’m hoping to see filled by new products?

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2019 Review: The Guitar Community

When I was growing up and first getting into guitar, all we had was word of mouth and the odd album tab book with dodgy transcriptions in it. Things are so different today. We’re not just living in a golden age of guitars and gear, we’re living in a golden age of access to information, demonstrations, opinion and actual professional experience.

As you go through the lists below, you’ll spot that everyone I’ve listed here is someone that I follow because they’re people that I’m learning from in one way or another. Right now, it’s practically all educational content. I hope you don’t mind; it’s an honest reflection of where I am at the end of 2019.

One of the things I want to do in 2020 is expand this list to also include people who are just out there to make and release music: bands and artists.

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New Year Resolutions for 2020

Thanks to the band, 2019 was the first year that I can remember where my music started having structure and goals. Until now, it’s simply been an escape from the rest of my life. (That sounds like a bad thing. It’s not!)

I don’t know how much time I’m going to have for music in 2020. It’s going to be a busy and challenging year at work. I’d like to fit a few things into whatever time I do have, and that’s what this blog post is all about.

How many will I manage? I honestly have no idea.

I’m just a guy who plays guitar for fun. Music has to fit around everything else, which means that it’s often the first thing that gets dropped when something has to give.

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