Is It Time To Replace Your Capo?

Just wanted to share something that I learned over the weekend with you.

Little bit of backstory: first proper gig is rapidly approaching, and at the weekend I went shopping for spares to take along with me. We’ve got a song in the set that we play in drop F# minor, which requires a capo. A capo is exactly the kind of thing that’s easy to accidentally leave behind, so I picked up a spare one to live in my guitar’s gig back, just in case.

Once I got it home, I decided to try it out, just to make sure it definitely worked and that there were no surprises lying in wait for me. Very glad that I did!

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Tackling First Fret Buzz

Ben and Christopher from Crimson Guitars tackle a viewer’s question, and one that certainly bugs me about a couple of my guitars: why do we get string buzz on the first few frets of a guitar?

They call this the impossible question, because once a couple of simple things have been eliminated, the list of possible causes quickly balloons out to a crazy extent. Watch the video to see just how many things can be causing the problem.

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