Joe Gilder’s Latest Tips On Recording Fingerstyle Acoustic Guitar

This year, I’m learning how to record acoustic guitar. I’ve got a lot to learn. To help me learn, I’m keeping an eye out for any helpful YouTube videos from professional engineers and producers.

Like this one 🙂

Joe Gilder has just posted his tips for recording finger style guitar, as a five-step process that anyone can follow.

Fast Car (Mary Spender Cover)

Mary Spender has recently been over in Norway visiting Frog Leap Studios, and while she was there, she recorded a cover of Tracy Chapman’s Fast Car.

Love it!

There’s been quite a few videos now where Mary’s singing into the Shure SM7B microphone. Each time, I’m impressed with the end results. If you’re looking for a vocal mic for your home studio, it’s worth adding to your list.

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