New Arrivals: November 2021

You know the old joke about how you wait ages for a bus, and then three turn up at once? It’s been a bit like that with second-hand gear.

Five of my bucket-list items turned up on the second-hand market this month. I could only snag one of them. The three guitars and the amplifier were well outside my budget atm, and the only sensible thing to do was to hope that they bring joy to the people who have bought them. It just isn’t worth going into debt for a hobby, not to me anyway.

What was the one bucket-list item that I did get this month? And what else found its way to the Hermit’s Cave? Read on to find out 🙂

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Spectre Sounds Viewers Comments

Over at Spectre Sounds, Glen has posted his latest answers to comments left by his viewers. This week, instead of answering the questions himself in his own inimitable style, he’s asked a bunch of his friends and famous YouTubers how they would answer instead.

The question that caught my eye was about whether or not to go with Apple for recording music (rather than use Windows). A lot of Apple’s decisions in the last few years have been very unhelpful to creatives in many fields, including music. On Twitter, I see a lot of people talk about moving away from Apple when it’s time to buy their next computer. Over the next couple of years, I guess we’ll find out how many people actually take that step.

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