#CoffeeAndKlon 35: TPS Compares A Klon Against The Jeff Archer

#CoffeeAndKlon is my (irregular!) Sunday morning magazine series, where I talk about whatever’s on my mind right now. There’s always coffee, and there’s normally chat about the Klon and its many competitors.

This week, TPS have compared a couple of klone pedals against a real Klon Centaur:

Thought you might be interested 🙂

At around the 1:54 mark in the video, Mick pointed out how important it is to use a pedal switcher when doing these kinds of comparisons. Thank you, Mick, for saying so!

New Arrivals For April

Last month, I made a very unplanned purchase – the Custom Shop Les Paul Special. I got it for less than a brand-new Gibson USA Standard costs (not the first time that’s happened), but still … The next few months are going to be about exceptional bargains or rare items only – or things I need for gigging.

Not that it really matters. The 2nd hand gear market seems to have dried up quite badly this month. Even eBay “sell for £1” weekends haven’t had their normal impact. Will things pick up in May?

Here’s a list of all the new gear that arrived in April, along with my first impressions of each item. I’ll post a separate, detailed post about each item when I’ve had a bit of time to get to know it better.

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