Tackling First Fret Buzz

Ben and Christopher from Crimson Guitars tackle a viewer’s question, and one that certainly bugs me about a couple of my guitars: why do we get string buzz on the first few frets of a guitar?

They call this the impossible question, because once a couple of simple things have been eliminated, the list of possible causes quickly balloons out to a crazy extent. Watch the video to see just how many things can be causing the problem.

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Crimson Guitars and Tonewood

Ben’s just posted a video where he gets into the thorny topic of tonewood and fretboards.

Watch the video, digest what he thinks and why … and share your opinion over on YouTube if you feel you must either way.

What’s On The Bench?

Ben’s back with his weekly look at what’s being built down at Crimson Guitars in Dorset. These videos need no further introduction 🙂


One of the things I love about these regular videos is watching how Ben’s business has evolved over the years. And it’s great to see guitars being designed and built here in the UK.

They’re currently hiring for an apprentice. As Ben says, it’s a proper UK apprenticeship. Check out the video for more details.

Oh, and many of the guitars shown in the video will be at the Birmingham Guitar Show at the end of February. A great opportunity for you to check out their work in person.

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