First Impression: Abasi Concepts Pathos Distortion Pedal

I’m not entirely sure what the correct name for this pedal is. In the box, it says that it’s the Abasi Concepts Pathos, and online it’s more commonly referred to as the Abasi Guitars Pathos.

Confusingly, their YouTube channel is called Abasi Concepts, and their website is called Abasi Guitars.

Either way, here are my first impressions of this interesting pedal.

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Pedals Into A Clean Amp vs A Dirty Amp

Brian Wampler has posted a video of what it’s like to run drive pedals into a clean amp, and what it’s like to run the same pedals into a Dirty amp.

He’s picked an Orange Rockerverb 50 Mk 2 for this. It’s an interesting choice, as it isn’t your typical Fender-voiced or Marshall-voiced amp.

If you’re interested in running pedals into an Orange amp, hopefully you’ll find it useful.

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