Using Charvel And Jackson Guitars For More Than Metal

Ariel and Danish Pete are back with another Guitar Paradiso, and this week they’re looking at using Charvel and Jackson guitars for more than just metal.

The idea for this video came from watching John Mayer playing a Jackson guitar. He’s best known for playing his vintage (and signature) Fender Strats, and his recent collaborations with PRS. A pointy shredder’s beast seems a world apart from those instruments!

This is a topic that resonates personally with me. I can’t speak for modern Charvels and Jacksons, but I do have an 80s Charvel and a 90s Jackson in my collection, and I’ve used both guitars for folksy blues far more than for anything else in the decades since.

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2018 Rig For Clinics

Sam Coulson has posted a short video, showing us the rig he’s using when he’s giving guitar clinics this year.

He’s running a modded Charvel into a Helix, out to the Yamaha THR-100HD. The Yamaha’s setup as a clean platform for the Helix. It’s a simple rig that looks very easy to load in and out without a lot of effort.

I’ve got the Yamaha THR-100HD myself, and for a couple of years it was my main practice amp. It takes pedals better than any other modelling amp did at the time. You can run two amps at once out into different cabs, and that gives you a taste of that two-amp blended tone thing.

My main complaint with the THR-100HD is that it felt like Yamaha abandoned it to a large extent. It’s been a couple of years since the last firmware update, and they haven’t added any new models – or improved the existing ones – since launch. It’s become a very much take-it-or-leave-it amp.

But – unlike some modelling amps – you can use it as an amp, without hooking it up to a computer. Which means that they’ll continue to be usable long into the future.

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