The Ultimate Guide To Vintage Les Paul Tone

Over at The Guitar Magazine, Huw and the team have published a lengthy read on how to get vintage Les Paul tone without selling a kidney to pay for it.

This is a topic that come up all the time on the two main Les Paul forums. The debates are long (and often become unpleasant), and they usually condense into three points:

  1. Most people don’t know what a vintage Les Paul actually sounds like.
  2. Some people insist that they can’t hear a difference, therefore there isn’t a difference.
  3. Some people think the difference isn’t worth the cost.

I’m very much in the first camp. I have no idea what a vintage Les Paul sounds like. I’ve never played one, and if I did get the chance to, I’d need to either play it through my rig or compare it with some of my guitars to have a reference point to help understand what I’d be hearing.

Have a read of the full article, and see what you think.