An Intro To Using MIDI With Guitar Pedals

Dan and Mick of That Pedal Show have put together an introduction to using MIDI with guitar pedals.

MIDI is a protocol that – for guitar pedals – allows us to switch presets, control individual settings via a MIDI-enabled expression pedal, and to sync the tempo of multiple pedals together. For pedal boards or signal chains built from several different components, MIDI is an important tool for controlling everything in a live performance without tonnes of tap dancing.

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TPS Thoughts On Speakers And Cabs

On this week’s That Pedal Show, Dan and Mick are looking at the effect that different speakers and cabinets can have both on tone and feel.

Everyone focuses on guitars, pedals and amps. Speakers and cabinets are often overlooked, yet they’re such an important part of why your amp sounds (and feels) like it does … and why digital modelling through FRFR speakers doesn’t sound or feel like a real amp in the room.

A great way to get an appreciation for the role that speakers and cabs play is to grab a bunch of impulse responses and experiment.

This video is a great introduction to the topic, in part because they’re not trying to put lots of different speakers into the same cab. They’ve taken the approach of doing what folks do in real life: plugging into different cabs to get different sounds.

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Comparing Two Fender Custom Shop Teles: 52 and 63

Dan and Mick have posted a video all about Dan’s new Fender Custom Shop Telecaster 52 Reissue, and how it compares to the Custom Shop 63 Reissue that he’s been using on That Pedal Show for the last couple of years.

This video is full of surprises: side by side, the 52 reissue doesn’t sound anything like they (or I) expected. It’s nowhere near as bright or sharp as a modern maple-boarded Tele would be, and of course it doesn’t rock like Dan’s red Tele famously does – yet it still has its own thing going on.

Even if you’re not into Fender Teles, it’s still worth watching just to watch them geeking out over gear, and trying to learn licks off each other. There’s an important lesson there: it’s no different to the last time you and your mates did exactly the same thing.

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That Pedal Show: Josh Smith Board and Lesson

It’s a long one this week – even by their standards – which is why I’ve only just gotten to it.

Dan and Mick take a tour of Josh’s board, including an in-depth look at the Lovepedal Tchula. The Tchula was Josh’s idea. It’s basically two Church of Tone (COT) pedals in one enclosure, with the left hand side fixed at Josh’s favourite setting, and the right hand side adjustable to suit. I can’t think of anything else quite like it.

I loved the segment where the guys had a schwang on Josh’s Tele, which is strung with 13s (!!) It’s fascinating to listen to how different each of them sound, playing the same guitar through the same rig.

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