Celestion Neo Creambacks

Last night, I started my research into what speaker I want in my next speaker cab. I love the dirt tones I can get out of my rig, but the clean tones just aren’t doing it for me.

(I should just get a DRRI, I know …)

The cab I use most is the Victory Amps V112-C. It’s a 1×12, loaded with a Celestion G12M-65 Creamback. Sounds great for the kind of bluesy rock tones that I play.

So I was pretty interested in this look at the Celestion Neo Creamback. It’s a slightly darker, but much lighter version of the G12M, built using rare earth magnets. Sounds like something I’d want to consider if I start gigging.

Now, do Celestion make anything that sounds like the Jensen C12-K found in a Fender DRRI? Back to the research …