#CoffeeAndKlon 34: Is The PRS Horsemeat A Klon-Killer?

#CoffeeAndKlon is my (irregular!) Sunday morning magazine series, where I talk about whatever’s on my mind right now. There’s always coffee, and there’s normally chat about the Klon and its many competitors.

Back at the end of September, PRS announced that they were getting into the pedal business. There were three pedals launched, and amongst them was a drive pedal that they called ‘Horsemeat’ … because it’s a Klon-killer.

But is it really? Read on to find out what I think …

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First Impressions: PRS Horsemeat Overdrive Pedal

Back at the start of October 2022, PRS released their first guitar effects pedals. There were three pedals in the line-up: an overdrive, a compressor and a flanger. Only one – the overdrive pedal – actually turned up in the shops here in the UK 🙁

What’s the Horsemeat like? It’s an expensive pedal. Is it worth it? Read on for my quick (if delayed!) First Impressions.

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