Tuesday Talks: Falling Back In Love With The Guitar

Mary Spender’s latest Tuesday Talk is all about her ups and downs with the guitar over the years.

She also talks about the fast-approaching 100th episode of Tuesday Talks, and the special guest she wants on that landmark episode.

Watch the video to learn who she’d love to interview for the 100th episode, and join the discussion on YouTube to help Mary make it happen.

Using Charvel And Jackson Guitars For More Than Metal

Ariel and Danish Pete are back with another Guitar Paradiso, and this week they’re looking at using Charvel and Jackson guitars for more than just metal.

The idea for this video came from watching John Mayer playing a Jackson guitar. He’s best known for playing his vintage (and signature) Fender Strats, and his recent collaborations with PRS. A pointy shredder’s beast seems a world apart from those instruments!

This is a topic that resonates personally with me. I can’t speak for modern Charvels and Jacksons, but I do have an 80s Charvel and a 90s Jackson in my collection, and I’ve used both guitars for folksy blues far more than for anything else in the decades since.

Watch the video and see what you think, and then please head over to YouTube to leave a like and a supportive comment.

John Mayer Talks PRS Silver Sky

I promise that I’ll stop posting about the PRS Silver Sky soon. Before I do, I have to share with you John Mayer’s own thoughts on his new guitar.

He’s not pulling any punches here. He tackles the guitar’s Fender heritage, why he went to PRS for this guitar, what makes it different from a Fender Strat, and where the time went on designing the Silver Sky. If you want to understand how he sees this guitar, it’s compulsory viewing.

The key thing I took away from this is that this all started with tone.  He wanted something that looked like a Strat, and played like a Strat, but that addressed some of the things he didn’t like about the Fender Strat sound. Paul Reed Smith is all about tone in a way that few other guitar builders are. And things evolved from there to become the Silver Sky that we’ve all been talking about.

Whether you like John Mayer or not, he deserves credit for putting out a video like this. It’s not some slick PR video. It’s just John talking into his phone on a livestream. How many other mega-artists would do this?

Sadly, he doesn’t post directly to YouTube, and I don’t know where the original video was posted. I couldn’t find it on Instagram or on Facebook.