Mad Professor Kosmos Reverb Pedal Demo

Burgs has posted a demo of Mad Professor’s new Kosmos reverb pedal.

The Kosmos is a mono pedal, featuring 11 different reverb models in a standard-sized pedal format. It also has a freeze feature – just hold down the foot switch to keep the reverb going until you lift off again.

These mono pedals are great for running straight into a clean amp, or in the effects loop of an amp – especially if the amp doesn’t have a built-in reverb of its own.

Mad Professor is one of those pedal brands that most players haven’t heard of. I’ve been using their pedals for years, and I’ve normally got several of them on my main board at any one time. (My pedal cupboard has plenty of them too, waiting to fight their way back onto the board.) Not only do they sound great, they have the lowest noise floors around and lots of input headroom – perfect for stacking.

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