Dr Z AMA: 12ax7s vs EF86

In this week’s Ask Me Anything, Dr Z from Dr Z Amps looks at the difference between the popular 12ax7 preamp tube and the lesser-known EF86 preamp tube.

I’d never heard of the EF86 tube before. They were originally used in microphone preamps, because of their ability to take a large input signal without clipping. Sounds great for pedal players like me.

I’m going to be visiting a few new places over the coming weeks. I’ll keep an eye out for any amps with EF86 preamps, and report back if I find any!

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Wampler Q&A

Brian Wampler – the genius behind Wampler Pedals – has posted a Q&A video up on his channel. He talks about the hardest circuit to work on, collaborating with other pedal builders, introducing midi to future Wampler pedals, and what makes him decide to revise a pedal circuit.

One of the great things about the music world is how accessible people like Brian are. He talks about how everyone’s comments online and via customer support reaches him, and is a major influence on what he does.

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