First Impressions: Marshall Vintage Reissue Drive Pedals

Now that I’ve spent a little bit of time with the new reissues of Marshall’s legendary drive pedals, I think it’s worth talking about them collectively.

You can read my individual First Impressions of each pedal here:

Read on for my First Impressions of the vintage reissue drive pedals.

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First Impressions: Marshall ShredMaster Distortion Pedal

At the start of March 2023, I picked up all four of Marshall’s vintage reissue drive pedals. The original pedals are all legendary pedals, much revered in the guitar pedal community. Alas, that means that the original pedals also come with second-hand prices to match.

These re-issues are bringing these classic circuits back within reach of regular guitarists (just about …).

Regular readers might be wondering why I bothered with the ShredMaster at all, and why I’m posting about this pedal first. There’s a good reason for that. Read on for my First Impressions.

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