5 Mixing Mistakes That Are Easy To Fix

Steven Slate is back with another of his vlogs. This time, he’s taking a look at 5 ways to approach mixing.

His points really resonate with me, especially his first point on envisaging what you’re trying to achieve, and the need for a reference mix to compare against.

Oh, and he also endorses products like SonarWorks Reference 4, which I posted about earlier today.

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Recording Drums In The Middle Of Slate HQ

For those of us recording at home, drums are a major challenge. We just don’t have the space, nor enough mics to do it justice, nor a great-sounding live room to capture it all in. It’s no surprise that drums went digital first.

So this video from Steven Slate really grabbed my attention tonight. He starts by setting up a drum kit in the middle of the office, and mics it up with only 3 mics. See what he manages to achieve from that.

This has to be one of the better showcases for modelling microphones that I’ve seen so far. I get the whole thing with them and vocals – and I have a small collection of vocal mics because there’s no such thing as one mic suits everyone – but somehow, watching Steven using different models to bring the drum recording to life really turned me on to just how much can be done with modelling today.

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