JHS Bonzai Pedal Demo

Fluff has posted a demo of the JHS Bonzai pedal. 9 Tubescreamers in one pedal!

If you like to get your dirt from your amp, the Tubescreamer is an essential pedal circuit to explore. The TS features a mid-range hump that can give your amp a boost and lift your guitar out of a mix.

There’s been many TS designs over the years, and that’s without counting all the third-party circuits! The JHS Bonzai puts 9 of these designs into a single pedal. And, by all accounts, each circuit is a faithful reproduction of the original.

Why would anyone need a pedal like this? Especially as the differences can be very hard to hear in a YouTube demo? Basically, it gives you flexibility – the ability to pick the TS circuit that best suits the guitar, amp, and music genre. If your rig and genre is static, maybe it’s overkill.

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Blindfold Tubescreamer Challenge

Chappers and The Captain have posted their latest blindfold challenge. Can Lee tell a real Tubescreamer from a pool of clones? And which ones will he like?

The Tubescreamer is possibly the most-copied pedal circuit of them all. Most pedal brands have a TS-style pedal in their range, and there’s a TS-style pedal to fit every budget.

It’s not really an overdrive pedal, and that’s very confusing when you get one for the first time. It’s more of a colour pedal, thanks to it’s pronounced mid-hump. Run it into a dirty amp to shape the overall sound, or run it after a gain or fuzz pedal to act as a great boost.

A Strat -> Zendrive -> TS signal chain in particular is a very special sound.

Over the years, I’ve had a few of the pedals in the video, and the one I use is the Mad Professor Little Green Wonder. You can’t get a sense of it from this video, but one of the great things about the LGW (and, indeed, all Mad Professor pedals) is the low noise floor.

I’d love to try a Wampler Clarksdale one day – just waiting for one to turn up at a good 2nd hand price. The J Rockett Blue Note is another pedal featured in this video that I want one day. Burgs did a demo of it years ago now that really sold me on it.

And just how good does the new Hot Rod Deluxe Mk 4 sound?

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Pedals Into A Clean Amp vs A Dirty Amp

Brian Wampler has posted a video of what it’s like to run drive pedals into a clean amp, and what it’s like to run the same pedals into a Dirty amp.

He’s picked an Orange Rockerverb 50 Mk 2 for this. It’s an interesting choice, as it isn’t your typical Fender-voiced or Marshall-voiced amp.

If you’re interested in running pedals into an Orange amp, hopefully you’ll find it useful.

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The Ultimate Metal Rig?

Over on the Andertons YouTube channel, Joss has built his ultimate metal rig – and it sounds epic.

The basic premise is that this is the kind of rig that Joss would use both to record with, and to gig with. It’s a straight-forward, no-nonsense rig that will handle both lead and rhythm duties in one. If heavier tones are your thing, it’s well worth a watch.

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JHS Bonsai Demo – All The Tubescreamers!

I think this was released at Winter NAMM 2018?

Over at Premier Guitar, John Bollinger has posted a demo of the JHS Bonsai – 9 different Tubescreamers in 1 standard-size pedal housing.

The Tubescreamer is probably the most-cloned pedal of all time. With a few notable exceptions – like the Wampler Euphoria – if it’s a pedal in a green housing, it’s normally an outright Tubescreamer clone or something based on the Tubescreamer circuit.

Tubescreamers can be difficult to dial in. The traditional 1 tone control either works for you or not, and over the years, the Tubescreamer circuit has evolved to offer more options to suit different players and rigs. Having 9 of these in a single housing could be very handy indeed. If 1 circuit isn’t working for you with a particular guitar and amp, one of the others probably will.

I’ve got a Mad Professor Little Green Wonder on my board. It’s there for when I use my Strat. A ZenDrive into a Tubescreamer is a magical sound 🙂 I’m tempted to pickup a JHS Bonsai at some point, for the extra flexibility.

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