New Arrivals: April 2023

This month, I was able to tick off three items from my gear bucket list.

One of the things I’ve been (re)learning this year is this: the kind of gear I’m interested in trying is only getting rarer and rarer. If I see something, and don’t get it, there’s a very good chance that I’ll be waiting a very long time before I see another example.

And it’s always hard to tell whether or not an item was worth getting until you have it in your hands …

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New Arrivals For March

So March has been and gone. In the end, February’s absolute deluge of available 2nd hand gear wasn’t repeated this month. But a road trip later in the month brought a chance encounter with something a little bit different …

These are my initial impressions of this month’s new arrivals. I’ll do full articles on each of them when I’ve had some time with them.

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Way Huge Are Smaller

An interesting piece of news from Fluff – Way Huge are shrinking down the size of their pedal enclosures.

Over the last couple of years, we’ve seen a lot of moves to make the most out of pedal board space. Mini-pedals have become a popular thing, and brands like Wampler and Earthquaker Devices have been moving the cable jacks from the side to the top.

Looks like Way Huge are joining the trend!

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