Heavy Reliced Telecasters

If you watch Andertons’ YouTube channel, you’ll have seen Danish Pete’s sparkly purple Telecaster over the last two years. It’s a fantastic sounding guitar, and its always a joy to listen to Pete jamming away on one. There’s a great story behind how Pete acquired his purple Tele too.

Well, now you have the opportunity to own one just like it.

Last summer, they ordered a small run of guitars based on the same specs as Pete’s purple Telecaster – and they’ve just posted a video of them up on the Andertons YouTube Channel.

If you don’t have time to watch the whole video, check out the jam that starts just after the 26 minute mark, and hear for yourself just how good these guitars sound.

Be sure to head over to YouTube and leave a comment to let the folks at Andertons know if you like these guitars.

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