How To Solo Over Chord Changes

Paul Davids has uploaded a handy lesson video, where he’s looking at how to solo over chord changes using the pentatonic scale.

The pentatonic scale is probably the first scale we learn when we’re trying to get into writing our own solos and improvising. It’s such an easy scale to play, but making it musical over chord changes is deceptively hard.

In Paul’s lesson, he explains what the trick (sometimes) is: switch pentatonic scales when the underlying chord changes. By using the pentatonic scale that matches each chord (e.g. A minor pentatonic over an A minor chord, C major pentatonic over a C major chord), we place more of an emphasis on the musical changes that are happening in the rhythm section.

Watch the video for all the details, then please head over to YouTube to leave a like and a supportive comment if you enjoyed Paul’s video.

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