Studio Diary #1: The State Of Things

I’m currently getting my home studio more organised, and along the way I’m sharing my thought process, decisions, discoveries and regrets.

Things Are Somewhat Disconnected

The Hermit’s Cave – my home studio – is little more than a corner of same room that doubles up as my home office for work. In September last year, I bought new furniture for the room … and since then, most of my gear has been sat in a pile completely unplugged.

I blame the Marshall Origin 20H. I love that amp. I run a couple of pedals directly into the front of it, and I’m happy. The amp brings the best out of many of my pedals, and it’s just such an immediate rig: flip a couple of power switches and I can start playing.

Then there’s our band; a little acoustic duo. We cram ourselves into the tiny room most weeks for rehearsal, and we record every session. A couple of XLR cables across the floor to my old Apollo Twin is all we need for that. One channel for Tess’s vocals, and another for the DI from my acoustic amp. In between rehearsals, I just coil up the XLR cables and stash them out of the way.

So yeah … the Kemper, my Synergy rig … none of it has been cabled up at all. And that meant that I haven’t been able to record anything else for over a year.

It’s time to change that.

I’ll blog about how I’m getting on in these Studio Diary entries. They’re mostly for myself, as a reminder of what decisions I’ve made, why I made them, how they worked out, and the problems I’ve had to solve as I go along.

If you’re building yourself a little home studio, I hope you’ll find this warts-and-all account of the process useful too.

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