New Arrivals: June 2021

I’m still recovering from surgery in April, which really limited how much time I could spend with my guitar this month. On top of that, the medical bills came due.

And then I ended up having a second (completely unrelated and unplanned) procedure this month too. I’m still recovering from that at the time of writing.

But I did get about a week in between all of this to try something new (to me).

MXR Sugar Drive

MXR was arguably late to the party with the Sugar Drive. Lauched at Winter NAMM 2018, it was largely overshadowed by the release of the Cry Baby Mini. Since then, I’ve seen it get a mention in a couple of Klon klone shootouts – but I’m not really a fan of how those shootouts approach these kinds of pedals.

So when one popped up on the second-hand market for a nice price, I decided to indulge my curiosity and find out: how does it compare to the real thing?

And that’s where the story gets very interesting. The Sugar Drive (imho) isn’t the most faithful klone by any means, but it does give me something that none of the other klones I’ve tried do. Full details are here.

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