New Arrivals: July 2022

I didn’t pick up any new (to me) gear last month, and just the one item this month.

The Axe FX 3 has definitely been a big factor in this. I’ve promised on Twitter that I’ll do a separate blog about this soon. The short version is that it’s been much better than I hoped for, and I’ve been putting so much time into exploring what it can do that I haven’t really had time to be curious about other gear.

So what did I find, and how was it interesting enough to wrench me away from the Axe FX 3 for a little bit?

Walrus Audio 385 Overdrive Pedal

This is a pedal that’s been on my mental ‘to-try’ list ever since it came out. I’ve had to wait until I could find one at a great second-hand price; here in the UK, Walrus Audio are one of the more expensive pedal brands.

Why is it interesting? It’s based on an old cinema projector. How crazy is that? Who on earth came up with the idea of plugging a guitar into a cinema projector to get a tone?

I’m glad they did. While it works with my beloved Les Paul, I think it’s pure magic for the neck pickup of my Strat. But don’t take my word for it. Have a read of my First Impressions post, and have a listen to the audio demos that I’ve included in there.

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