New Arrivals: November 2022

The end of the month saw a huge change in the second-hand market here. For the first time in … I don’t know, it feels like 18+ months … there’s a lot of very interesting (to me) amps and pedals available. And I swear there were more Les Pauls listed during a 5-day period than overdrive pedals. It sure seemed that way, anyway.

Sadly, I think most of these pieces are being listed because people need the money. The mood of the country is pretty grim right now. We’ve had 12 years of single-party government, and they’ve led us into the worst cost of living crisis in living memory. The worst of it is still come too, too.

I was working abroad for part of the month (it was educational taking my new company to Web Summit for the very first time), and had no time to do very much at all with a guitar.

Tone City Mandragora Overdrive Pedal

TPS may call Chinese-made pedals “landfill pedals”, but my own experience to date is that Tone City make very usable pedals at a good price. And if you can snag them second-hand, the price is great.

I’ve been so over-the-moon happy with the Dry Martini, I’m very happy to pick up some more of these to try out.

Besides, the Mandragora is said to be based on Lovepedal’s Kalamazoo pedal. I have a confession to make: I think I may have more Lovepedal pedals than any other brand in my collection. So let’s give this one a whirl, and see how I get on with it.

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