New Arrivals: October 2023

This month, the second-hand market has completely taken off. After what seems like years of me saying that there wasn’t much interesting stuff out there (well, interesting to me, anyway), I saw at least twenty different pedals that I would have loved to experience.

In the end, I got precisely none of them. I’d already picked up a couple of extra items back in September that I didn’t get to use until this month. And they’re both pretty fine, in my honest opinion.

PRS USA Silver Sky

At the end of September, GuitarGuitar ran a PRS promotional event in their Glasgow store. I was up north visiting friends, and decided to pop in to finally try both the latest-spec USA Silver Sky and the current SE Silver Sky.

I’m glad that I did. I found it very helpful to try both models side-by-side, to help me understand which one (if any!) worked for me. In the end, it was an easy decision, and I came back with the USA model.

You can read my full First Impressions here. It gives me the Strat sound that I’ve been chasing for many years, and is going to be my #1 Strat going forward.

Universal Audio UAFX Woodrow Tweed Amp Simulator Pedal

I originally bought this back in mid-September. However, I was away for the rest of the month, so I had to wait until early October to receive the pedal and try it out.

I’ve already written about this in my Tuesday #TweedTone column. Basically, I think the Woodrow delivers effortless 5e3 Tweed Deluxe tones. If you want the sound of a roaring Tweed Deluxe amp for home or recording use, I think the Woodrow is a more cost-effective choice than the real thing.

However, I was surprised to learn the hard way that the Woodrow doesn’t seem to emulate a Tweed Deluxe when the channels are not jumpered. That took the gloss off the pedal for me. My Tweed Deluxe amp lives for another day!

Warm Audio ODD Box v1 Overdrive

I’ve been very pleased with the two Warm Audio pedals that I’ve had this year, so when their ODD Box v1 turned up on the second-hand market, I thought, “why not?” and picked it up too. After all, it was inevitable that I was going to get one at some point.

The ODD Box v1 Overdrive is Warm Audio’s take on Fulltone’s legendary OCD distortion pedal. Even better, the ODD Box is based on the OCD v1.4 … which I happen to have. So I can try the two out side-by-side and see whether or not the ODD Box is the OCD clone I’ve been looking for.

How did it do? Click here for my First Impressions.

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