2023 Review: Gigging Gear

Rather than do a ‘best of’ style post, every year I’m doing a rundown of what gear we started with and what gear we ended up with – along with a discussion of why.

Previous years: [2019] [2020] [2021][2022]

Come Back Next Year

When it comes to gigging, 2023 has been another lost year.

Life in the UK has largely returned to normal, and while COVID hasn’t gone away completely, the risk has definitely greatly reduced this year. By the start of summer, we were all back to living normal lives …

… right when work commitments ramped up, and left no time or energy for fun things like gigging. (Or blogging. Have you seen how few posts I’ve done this year?!? 🙁)

The Next Contestant For Backup Guitar Has Entered The Game

In the summer, Kristi and I bought a Cordoba Stage nylon-string guitar (our first joint custody!).

There’s a couple of songs in our old set list that I play fingerstyle. I think they’d work really well on a nylon-string guitar. Although, I am learning the hard way that they don’t like being retuned a lot!

The really nice thing about the Cordoba Stage is that I don’t have to mic it up to play a gig or to record it. It’s got onboard modelling and pickups. I can just plug it into my Acus acoustic amp or straight into my audio interface.

Is A Pivot On The Horizon For 2024?

Earlier in the year, we started looking at recording all of the covers that we do. If we don’t get out and gig next year, we might focus on that instead.

And even if we do go out and gig, we could still do with putting together some decent demos to help us land said gigs.

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