(Belated) New Arrivals: December 2023 & January 2024

Yeah, I’m a little late with this. I’ve had a rough start to the year, and I’ll leave it at that.

Despite not blogging for months, I have been playing guitar … and enjoying a couple of new pedals that arrived over the festive season. Together, I’ve found them to be especially inspiring, and they’ve become my preferred signal chain for my Silver Sky.

Read on to learn about them.

BOSS BP-1w Booster / Preamp Waza Craft Pedal

Regular readers might be aware that (despite appearances!) I don’t think the Klon is the only boost pedal anyone ever needs. Some signal chains simply don’t need that 1 kHz mid-boost push to come alive.

And anyway, I always love having options.

So I was delighted to get the BOSS BP-1w booster / preamp pedal for Christmas. With its recreations of classic preamp circuits from vintage effects, it’s definitely going to give me something different.

What I didn’t expect was that it would become my go-to boost pedal for all things that aren’t tweed tone …

Wampler Ratsbane Distortion Pedal

The original ProCo Rat is arguably one of the defining sounds of 80s rock guitar and the hair-metal scene. So what on earth am I (a vintage / tweed-tone lover) doing with Wampler’s modern take on this?

In the main … curiosity. I grew up with those 80s rock guitar tones, and I’m looking for a few options for me to record music with.

With the Jam Pedals Rattler currently out of reach, I turned to the Wampler Ratsbane instead. And I sure am glad that I did!

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