Wampler Launches The Pantheon – Their King of Tone Alternative

It’s finally here – the Wampler Pantheon overdrive pedal. Based on the original Marshall Bluesbreaker pedal circuit, it aims to be an alternative to that legendary pedal: Analogman’s King of Tone.

As well as Brian’s own demo (above), there are plenty of demos from the YouTube pedal demo community and several retailers.

As is usual with Brian, he hasn’t made a straight-up clone on the King of Tone. There’s an extra – and active! – bass EQ knob, and external switches both for the amount of gain and the kind of clipping available.

The Analogman King of Tone is possibly second only to the Klon when it comes to restricted supply and hype-fuelled demand.

The KoT is still in production. To buy a new one, you have to send an email to Analogman to join the waiting list. Unfortunately, they don’t send acknowledgements, so you’ve no way of knowing if you’re actually on the list or not. Then you have to wait until you’re at the front of the queue. At the time of writing, the queue is around two years long.

As a result, there’s definitely demand for a KoT-type pedal that is easy to obtain, and easy to replace if it stolen or otherwise lost.

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King of Tone – Is It Worth It?

Chris Buck – sporting his new pirate look – has posted a vlog answering some questions he’s had about the King of Tone pedal.

He’s had a much happier time with the KoT to date than I’ve had, it’s fair to say. And it certainly sounds fantastic in his hands on this video.

Last year, I listed the KoT amongst my top 3 disappointing buys of 2017. I’ve still got it. (I’ve still got all 3 things that made the list, in fact.) I need to try it through my new amp setup first before deciding whether to move it on or not.

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