TIL: The Analogman King of Tone With The Top-Mounted Toggle Switch

Today, I learned that my Analogman King of Tone shipped from the factory with the top-mounted toggle switch disabled.

Fortunately, it’s an easy thing to sort out, and well-worth doing so.

This photo shows the Analogman King of Tone pedal, looking down from above. The viewer can clearly see the top-mounted toggle switch in the middle of the pedal.

What Does The Toggle Switch Do?

Each side of the King of Tone can do three different modes:

  • a clean (as in, no clipping) boost
  • a (very low-gain) overdrive
  • or a (pretty mild) distortion

These modes are controlled by a set of dip switches inside the pedal.

When you place your order, Analogman offer you quite a few factory-fitted mods to choose from. That’s a really cool thing. Amongst them is a top-mounted toggle switch, so that you can switch the mode of the red channel without having to take the back of the case off.

Why Wasn’t It Working?

It’s all down to the factory settings of the internal dip switches.

This photo shows the dip switches inside the Analogman King of Tone pedal. The dip switches are in their factory default positions.

The photo above shows the factory defaults. Dip switch 1 is in the ‘on’ position, and the other three dip switches are in the ‘off’ position. In this setup, the KoT’s red side is in overdrive mode, and the yellow side is in clean boost mode.

And, in this setup, the top-mounted toggle switch is disabled.

How Do You Enable The Top-Mounted Toggle Switch?

To enable the top-mounted toggle switch, dip switches 1 and 2 both have to be in the ‘off’ position.

This photo shows the dip switches inside the Analogman King of Tone pedal. The dip switches have been changed from their factory default positions, so that the top-mounted toggle switch now works.

In the photo above, I’ve set dip switches 1, 2 and 4 to the ‘off’ position. Dip switch 3 is in the ‘on’ position, so that the yellow side of the KoT is in overdrive mode.

I hope this helps someone else out there 🙂

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