First Impressions: Anasounds Element Spring Reverb Pedal


This is a bit of a difficult First Impressions for me to write. After years of everything being in the same place in the room, I’ve recently moved everything around. I’m still getting to used to how everything sounds in its new location – and in my new listening position.

Anyways. The Anasounds Element has just arrived, and I’ve had a couple of hours with it through my rig. Here’s my very first impressions of this pedal.

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Using Charvel And Jackson Guitars For More Than Metal

Ariel and Danish Pete are back with another Guitar Paradiso, and this week they’re looking at using Charvel and Jackson guitars for more than just metal.

The idea for this video came from watching John Mayer playing a Jackson guitar. He’s best known for playing his vintage (and signature) Fender Strats, and his recent collaborations with PRS. A pointy shredder’s beast seems a world apart from those instruments!

This is a topic that resonates personally with me. I can’t speak for modern Charvels and Jacksons, but I do have an 80s Charvel and a 90s Jackson in my collection, and I’ve used both guitars for folksy blues far more than for anything else in the decades since.

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Fender Reliced Guitars Discussion

Ariel and Danish Pete are back with another Guitar Paradiso. This episode, they’re looking at reliced Fender Custom Shop Stratocaster.

This one quickly turns into a wide-ranging discussion about the whole concept of relicing Fender guitars, how different guitar finishes do (and don’t) wear over time, and why a reliced guitar might be a good choice.

Both Ariel and Pete are hugely experienced touring musicians, and it’s great to hear them sharing their experiences and personal preferences. Along the way, Pete digs out several of his personal Strats to help demonstrate the points he’s making, including guitars that he’s toured all round the world.

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Here Come The Strats

Before you order that new PRS Silver Sky, you might want to check out these custom-order Fender Stratocasters from Andertons:

These Strats are the sister models to the Telecasters that Andertons recently had made. They feature a 59 neck carve – based on guitars made by the late John English – rosewood fingerboards and ash bodies. Pickups are Custom Shop 69, reverse-wound Custom Shop 65, and a Texas Special for the Bridge. The end result should be a Strat that you won’t find anywhere else.

Tone-wise, there’s a certain something that they seem to share with the original run of Telecasters from the earlier video. There’s a clarity and definition that even survives what YouTube does to video audio tracks. I suspect that, in person, these’ll exhibit that 3D sound quality that marks out the very best-sounding guitars.

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PRS Silver Sky Demo and Discussion

The PRS Silver Sky has been the most-discussed guitar of 2018 … and now Andertons are weighing in with their thoughts. Oh, and they have one to demo for us too.

This is a great video, and not at all the kind of sales-y video you might be expecting. From a first unboxing to first impression playing to discussing many of the points raised online – including comparing it to Fender Strats – there’s a lot of useful ground covered.

One thing in particular – there’s plenty of string bends in this video, showing that the vintage radius isn’t going to cause string bends to choke out.

For me, it sounds fantastic in this video. It has that quintessential Strat tone in buckets. There’s both a top-end snap and a bottom end chime that I personally look for from Strats and the like. The pickups seem nicely balanced in output too, and across the full range of the neck.

When they’re more readily available, I’m definitely going to try one out.

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T-Rex Handbuilt Mudhoney Demo

Danish Pete from Andertons (and before that, from demoing Mesa Boogie gear) has his own YouTube channel – and he’s just uploaded a demo of the new hand built Mudhoney from T-Rex.

He’s a phenomenal player. Give him a looper and an overdrive, and he’ll entertain for hours. This video is no exception.

There’s a really cool story behind this video. Pete had #4 of the original Mudhoney run, and he let T-Rex have it for their museum cabinet. Turns out that they took it apart, and used it as the basis for this new handbuilt series of Mudhoney pedals. So Pete’s in effect demoing a recreation of his old Pedal here.

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Fender Pedals Demo

We’ve already seen AStrings demo the new Fender pedals, and now it’s the turn of Andertons. Watch the Captain and Danish Pete give you their thoughts on them here:

They’ve got all six pedals out, running them into a Victory V40 Deluxe and a Hot Rod Deluxe v4. These two amps sound very different to the Bassbreaker that AStrings used in their demos, so even if you watched all the excellent AStrings demos, the Andertons’ video offers a different look at these new pedals.

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