New Arrivals For March

So March has been and gone. In the end, February’s absolute deluge of available 2nd hand gear wasn’t repeated this month. But a road trip later in the month brought a chance encounter with something a little bit different …

These are my initial impressions of this month’s new arrivals. I’ll do full articles on each of them when I’ve had some time with them.

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Laura Cox Rocks Out

… with her Bacchus Mistress and its single Lollar P90.

If you’re new to Laura, she’s been posting videos of her playing for several years now. As time’s gone on, she’s developed a great American country rock vibe with her tone and phrasing. And she always lets her playing do the talking.

Please head over to YouTube and leave a like and a supportive comment if you enjoyed her playing. And please – don’t be a dick about the fact she’s a woman.