Morgan MVP23 Combo Amp Demo

Shawn Tubbs has posted a demo of Joe Morgan’s MVP23 combo amp – and this one has killer tones.

The MVP23 is a 23W combo amp, featuring 12ax7 preamp tubes and an EL84 power section, with a G12H-75 Greenback speaker. It has a really neat, interactive preamp gain and poweramp volume section, which allows you to dial in your own preference of where you get the drive from.

This isn’t a master volume amp. The output volume is controlled via an infinitely variable power soak. As Shawn demonstrates, you can turn the amp down in volume without affecting the tone at all.

These controls together offer a practical, easy-to-dial and flexible setup. Oh – and it takes pedals well too (thanks Shawn for covering that!)

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Revv G3 Distortion Pedal Round-up

Revv Amplification have released their G3 distortion pedal, and a whole bunch of YouTube demos have been released to show us what this thing can do.

Here’s a round-up of the demos.

If that lot doesn’t convince you that this is a high gain metal rhythm and lead pedal, I don’t know what will 🙂

Each video shows us something different, whether it’s running the pedal directly into the effects loop of an amp, high gain rock, baritone tones, or simply how it works in front of a wide range of amps.

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PRS MT 15 Amp Demo

Shawn Tubbs has taken a look at the new PRS MT 15 amp. These were announced at NAMM, and look very interesting indeed.

This is Mark Tremonti’s new signature amp, featuring a Fender-style clean channel with 3 band EQ and a lead channel with melt-your-face levels of aggressive gain. It runs a pair of 6L6s in the power stage – very unusual in a 15 watt amp – and 5 preamp tubes.

Sadly, we don’t get to hear if it takes pedals well. That’s a shame, because this lunchbox head will launch in June for under 500 GBP. There’s nothing from Fender to compete at that price. Pair it with a Marshall Origin, and you could have a dual-amp pedal platform at an amazing price.

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Looking Glass Pedal Demo

Shawn Tubbs has posted a short demo of Digitech’s Looking Glass overdrive pedal.

In this demo, Shawn does something that I wish more demos did: he plays a Strat, a Tele and a dual-humbucker guitar too. It really gives you a flavour of what this pedal might do for you.

I do own a Looking Glass myself. Right now, it’s in the pedal cupboard, waiting for me to have the time to spend on it properly. Easter weekend can’t come soon enough!

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