PRS MT 15 Amp Demo

Shawn Tubbs has taken a look at the new PRS MT 15 amp. These were announced at NAMM, and look very interesting indeed.

This is Mark Tremonti’s new signature amp, featuring a Fender-style clean channel with 3 band EQ and a lead channel with melt-your-face levels of aggressive gain. It runs a pair of 6L6s in the power stage – very unusual in a 15 watt amp – and 5 preamp tubes.

Sadly, we don’t get to hear if it takes pedals well. That’s a shame, because this lunchbox head will launch in June for under 500 GBP. There’s nothing from Fender to compete at that price. Pair it with a Marshall Origin, and you could have a dual-amp pedal platform at an amazing price.

Watch the video for more details, and then head over to YouTube to leave a like and a supportive comment.

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