Fender 59 Twin-Amp Joe Bonamassa Edition

Joe Bonamassa has posted a promo video for his new signature amp: the 59 Twin-Amp from Fender.

Several years ago, Joe famously switched his amp back line to vintage Fender amps. And now Fender has created a limited run of reissue amps, recreating the classic dual twin amp – and its unique tone – in great detail.

It feels like Fender is really on a roll this year, holding the spotlight at a time when arch-rival Gibson is all but invisible and fighting for its very existence. So I did chuckle at seeing Joe play a Les Paul in a promo for a Fender product 🙂

If you want one, they’re only available through Joe Bonamassa’s website. I have to wonder if he financed this limited run. If he did, well done Joe for bringing this reissue to life.

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