New Arrivals: April 2020

I wasn’t planning on making any purchases this month.

With the UK firmly in pandemic lockdown, the second-hand market has massively shrunk. There’s not a lot of gear on sale right now, and some sellers are going to find it difficult to ship gear out to buyers.

The plan was to concentrate on actually putting my gear to use. When I tried, it was clear that a couple of things needed sorting. That, and conversations about gear helped convince me to pickup a very special indeed.

Tannoy Gold 5 Studio Monitors

I’m a little behind with my studio diary; the full story will be in there soon! Basically, my old monitoring solution wasn’t working with the Apollo rack unit, but I just didn’t know what the right way forward was for me.

And then I saw that Mick from That Pedal Show had picked up a set of these recently released Tannoy Gold 5 studio monitors, to use at home during the lockdown in a largely untreated room. If they’re good enough for him, they’re worth a punt for me.

Homemade Shelves For My Amps And Cabs

For the last couple of years, I’ve been struggling to make the best use of the space available to me. My amps and cabs sit to one side in my home office. It’s a pretty small room to begin with, and I discovered the hard way that commercial furniture just wasn’t very space efficient.

So – inspired by those amps shelves we see in Rabea Massaad’s YouTube videos – I decided to make my own. It’s my first time making anything like this in over 30 years. And then the pandemic came, and changed how we live for the time being.

The full story will be in my Studio Diary, once it is up to date.

Ceriatone Centura (Klon Klone) Drive Pedal

None of the klones I’ve owned to date are accurate reproductions of the Klon circuit in my Klon KTR. Some of them come close (Archer Ikon in particular), and some of them have differences that are very useful (Tumnus Deluxe and Archer Clean in particular).

Ceriatone gear is very rare in the UK, and second-hand examples go for more than what I’m willing to pay. When someone in Wampler’s Facebook group pointed out that Andertons have started stocking the Centura, it was too good an opportunity to pass up. Brand new, these cost less than second hand prices!

The Ceriatone Centura sounds identical to my Klon KTR in every respect. If you want the Klon sound, but can’t get the real thing, this is the klone that you want. I’ll do a full write-up soon.

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