New Arrivals For June 2020

I’m keeping an eye on eBay for extra-unusual items, just in case. This month, though, is all about overcoming my fears, and starting to make good use of what I’ve already got.

Here’s everything that arrived this month, with first impressions to follow.

Mission Engineering Expression Pedal for Kemper

With a heatwave for the end of May and first week of June, the last thing I want is to run my amp and add even more heat to the house! So it’s the perfect opportunity to spend a bit more time with my Kemper profiler.

I really wasn’t planning on getting one of these. Brand new, I feel that they’re pretty pricy for what they are. They also seem to be out-of-stock over here a lot of the time too. I can’t remember the last time one of these turned up on the second hand market – until now 🙂

Boss FBM-1 Fender 59 Bassman Overdrive Pedal

Oh look – I’ve bought another tweed-tone pedal. So what’s the deal?

This is one of those pedals that used to crop up a lot a few years ago on the second-hand market. It always seemed to go for more than I wanted to pay. So I completely forgot about it until recently.

I’ve tried a lot of tweed-tone pedals that were designed and built during what I call the “boutique age of pedals”. What about pedals that came out before circa 2010? How do they compare? And how do they sound through a contemporary rig?

Here’s my First Impressions of this discontinued pedal.

Lovepedal 5e3 Deluxe Overdrive Pedal

This is a great example of what I said at the top of this post, about me keeping an eye for second-hand gear that I don’t normally see. I can’t remember the last time I saw one of these pop up on eBay. A quick glance at Reverb suggests that there aren’t any on there either atm.

Surprisingly, no-one else showed an interest in this, and I was able to get it.

I don’t have a definitive list of Fender amp-tone pedals that Lovepedal has made to date. I believe that the only two I haven’t tried yet are the Woodrow and the Les Luis. I’m looking forward to putting the 5e3 Deluxe onto the board. I wonder how it compares to the High-Power Tweed Twin that I picked up last month?

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