New Arrivals: September 2020

I think this month is mostly going to be defined by what doesn’t arrive.

  • I’ve cancelled the PRS S2 McCarty 594 SC that I ordered back in January. It’s probably not going to arrive until 2021 now, and I can’t be confident that I’ll have the money to pay for it when it does finally turn up.
  • After months of insisting that it would ship on schedule, Neural DSP has finally admitted that the Quad Cortex is going to be delayed after all. Given the current state of the world, it’s not a surprise. Delivery dates have slipped twice in the last two weeks alone. If this arrives for Christmas, it’ll be quite an achievement.

It’s a good job really, because the car needs some repairs. Whether or not those parts arrive this month or not remains to be seen. [They did not – Ed.] Right now, it’s a really bad time to be repairing or replacing pretty much anything.

Callahan Vintage T Model Bridge Assembly

I’ve been delighted with the sound of the Squier Esquire that I bought last month. This is a budget guitar (even cheaper than Fender’s Mexican-made Player series) that can quite happily hang with any Telecaster I’ve got.

It’s certainly worth spending a bit of money on some (necessary!) upgrades, so I decided to go full hog and grab one of the best aftermarket bridges around.

ProAnalog Devices Manticore v2 Overdrive Pedal

When it comes to notable Klon klones, there aren’t many left that I haven’t tried. ProAnalog Devices Manticore is one of those remaining few. And it just so happened that the Manticore was one of the few interesting (to me) pedals to popup on the second hand market this month.

I managed to snag the Manticore v2 in a very hard to photograph drab green. It arrived very quickly (thank you!) and I’ve had about a week with it so far.

I’ll link to the First Impressions once I’ve written them up. If you can’t wait, the tl;dr is that the Manticore v2 is not a viable klone, but it is a very good tweedy / borderline fuzzy drive pedal that works really well with every guitar I’ve thrown at it.

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