New Arrivals: March 2021

It’s been a very quiet month for new arrivals. This time, it’s mostly down to me.

(The second hand market here is still a mess, but that’s a topic that probably deserves its own blog post …)

I’ve been enjoying both the Mad Professor Sweet Honey Custom and Sweet Honey Deluxe Overdrives so much, I’ve just not been very curious about the pedals that have been cropping up on the second-hand market this month.

But, you know me: I’m always on the lookout for tweed-tone pedals, and this month, I picked up a couple that are pretty rare in their own ways.

TH Custom Effects AZABACHE Overdrive Pedal

These are normally sold as PCB-only designs. I managed to snag one that someone had built and put into a decent pedal housing.

That limits what I can confidently say about it: the choice of parts used by the builder has a big influence on the final outcome. If you find a different prebuilt unit for sale yourself, your experience could be quite a bit different to mine.

What was my experience? Here are my First Impressions.

Brantone Electronics Vintage Tweed Overdrive Pedal

I have to thank my friend Alessandro for switching me onto this pedal. When he’s not sending me tasty Les Pauls for sale up on Reverb, he’s inspiring me in other ways, and he played a big part in me wanting one of these.

I’m not going to tease on this one. This is one of the very best tweed-tone pedals that I’ve played so far. I love it. Why? Read my First Impressions to find out!

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