First Impressions: Gravity Vari-Tilt Studio Monitor Speaker Stand

I needed to move one of my Focal monitors off of my desk, so I ordered myself a dedicated speaker stand. Here are my First Impressions.

What Did You Buy?

I bought a Gravity Vari-Tilt Studio Monitor Speaker Stand. It’s a floor-standing stand, for holding a single studio monitor or speaker.

Why Did You Buy It?

I needed to free up some desk space.

I’ve got a pair of Focal studio monitors, and for the past year they’ve both been sat at either end of my desk. (When I say desk, think office desk, not a recording console!) That didn’t leave me a lot of room on my desk for important things like computer monitors and being able to actually work.

It also left me feeling a little hemmed in, tbh. The two monitors were so close together, I was feeling pretty cramped and claustrophobic. Not my idea of fun.

There isn’t enough room in here to put both monitors onto stands, but I figured that I could just about squeeze one stand in between the end of my desk and the door to the room. That would have to do.

This Is Nice And Sturdy

I was pleasantly surprised at just how solid and sturdy the Gravity stand is. I don’t know why. Maybe I’m just too used to everything being made of plastic these days?

Anyways, I’ve no concerns whatsoever about the stand’s ability to hold the weight of my Focal monitor.

Minimal Height Is A Little Too Tall

The Gravity stand is height-adjustable (yay!), but at its shortest, the minimal height does put my Focal monitor a little higher than I’d like.

I can’t get it to go any lower than 91 cm, and I had to remove the acoustic decoupling floor spikes to get it that low. My other Focal monitor is still sat on my desk, at a height of about 89 cm. There isn’t much difference in height, but I’d be happier if there was none at all.

To compensate, I’ve adjusted the tilt of the Gravity stand to point the monitor slightly downwards, so that the sound of the two monitors does converge at the ideal listening position. That works, but it seems to have made that listening position into quite a small area now.

Final Thoughts

I’ve got my desk back, while still being able to use both of my Focal monitors. For that reason alone, the stand has been a good purchase for me.

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