New Arrivals: December 2022

I’ve only picked up a couple of new (to me) pieces this month. One of them was a pedal that I’ve been looking for for over a year, so that was nice. The other? It’s a new release, and one that I’m already looking to put onto my board as an always-on pedal.

Definitely a month of quality over quantity.

Joyo Sweet Baby Overdrive Pedal

Regular readers will know that my #1 overdrive pedal is the legendary Mad Professor Sweet Honey Overdrive (SHOD for short). But you might not know that it wasn’t the first SHOD-type pedal that I ever had. For a couple of years or so, I had the Joyo Sweet Baby Overdrive pedal on my board.

Recently, I got curious: just how close is the Sweet Baby Overdrive to my beloved SHOD? Was the SHOD really an upgrade, or could I have saved my money by sticking with the cheap clone pedal?

I finally have one, and I now have some answers to that question. Read my First Impressions post for more details.

PRS Mary Cries Optical Compressor Pedal

At the end of September, PRS launched their first three pedals: an overdrive, a double-flanger, and an optical compressor. Like the world needs another compressor, right?

Well, I certainly do. When I started using pedals again, my first pedal was the Mad Professor Forest Green Compressor. I love it so much, I own two of them. But it changes the tone quite a bit … and the other compressors I’ve tried since have been too noisy for my tastes.

So I asked Father Christmas to bring me the Mary Cries compressor. It was touch and go as to whether or not it would arrive in time. Thankfully it did, and as you can read in my First Impressions blog post, it’s the compressor that I’ve been looking for.

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