#CoffeeAndKlon 7: Too Much Sparkle?

This conversation was originally posted to my Twitter feed.

It’s #CoffeeAndKlon time again. And I want to talk about a pedal I think everyone should try – the TC Electronic Spark Booster. What, you didn’t think I’d forgotten I’d talk about this one, did you? 🙂

This boost pedal is arguably famous because it was a regular guest star in any Andertons YouTube vids. I know I got mine because of them 🙂

I guess they got tired of it? I can’t remember the last time they mentioned it in a video.

Anyway, every time I plug it back in, I think it sounds top-drawer. The ‘clean’ setting in the middle sounds flat, and I can dial in extra dirt or adjust the EQ – and keep the output volume down too.

But it’s what it does to the top-end of the frequency spectrum that I love the most.

I can’t stand guitar tones that sound like someone’s thrown a duvet over the speaker cab – or that sound like they’re coming through the wall from another room. I want a guitar tone that sounds like it’s right there in front of me.

It’s one reason (amongst many!) that I’ve gone from digital to tubes, when the trend is definitely going in the other direction.

There’s something about the presence from the Spark that sounds just right to me. I don’t know if it’s boosting the high frequencies or simply not filtering them, but I like whatever is going on.

Going back and forth between the Overzoid and the Spark, I’d say it’s the main difference between the two. The Spark has a … sparkle … that isn’t there with the Overzoid.

If I love the tone so much, why is the Spark rarely shown out on my practice board? Well, after about 10-15 minutes, that extra sparkle has caused ear fatigue for me. My ears just don’t like being blasted with sounds in the upper register 🙁

Maybe I could dial back that treble control and try and tame it? My ears need time to recover first!

I think it’s as bright as it is so that we can use it as a treble booster into an amp, where the saturated preamp should swallow up the extra frequencies? I’m guessing. I don’t know if that’s the case.

Anyway, when my ears recover, I’ll be putting the Overzoid back on the board for now.

As always, this is just personal preference. Try one for yourself. You might like what they do 🙂

So, what’s coming up next time? I haven’t talked about Tubescreamers, and I haven’t talked about the Klon’s legendary rival, the Timmy. They’re more for boosting amps than pedals though.

I’ve still got a few more alternative boost pedals to share with you before I break out a cranked amp or two. And I should talk about some more klones too 🙂

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