New Arrivals: August 2022

August was shaping up to be a very quiet month, gear-wise. I had a plan: I was going to pick up just the one pedal – as long as I could find it nice and cheap.

But then something came along that I knew I’d regret if I didn’t get it …

Electro-Harmonix (EHX) Soul Food Klone / OD

I finally did it. I bought what I’ve long considered to be the world’s worst Klon klone. Every demo I’ve heard of this pedal left me with very strong feelings … very strong, very negative feelings.

So why did I buy it? And has my opinion changed, now that I’ve had time with it through my own rig? And how does it compare against my Klon KTR? Learn more – and hear for yourself – in my First Impressions post.

Fender PostModern 63′ Telecaster

In my 2021 Annual Review, I mentioned that I was finally starting to enjoy playing Telecasters. After years of not really gelling with them, I’ve begun to figure out how they can figure into my music. I’d also become aware of just how big the gap is between Fender Custom Shop and their other models, though.

Fast-forward to earlier this month. I was in my local store, and got to try a couple of their new Telecasters through my King of Tone pedal into the Studio 10 6L6. I bonded with one of them immediately … and that was that.

Learn more about it in my First Impressions post.

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